Business Solutions

Arbitronix is a company comprised of people who are experts on debt who come to the aid and rescue of other companies having debt difficulty by negotiating debt reductions and settlements with creditors, agents and collection attorneys.

Individual Solutions

DebtBusters has been in the business of Debt Settlement for more than 43 years and have saved our clients more than $200 million. We do this by working with your creditors to reduce your credit card balances, eliminate late fees...

For Other Questions and Inquieres

Please contact our Professional Agents, who without any hesitation, will be happy to talk with you; most importantly, they will listen to you and together help and guide you to find solutions to your issues and problems. Call (702) 259-2700 Now!!

What does Paladin Intervention do?

Paladin Intervention is the holding company that operates two entities that were formerly independent Nevada corporations now merged into Paladin. Those companies are ARBITRONIX and DEBTBUSTERS.