What does Paladin Intervention do? That seems to be the major question

Paladin Intervention is the holding company that operates two entities that were formerly independent Nevada corporations now merged into Paladin. Those companies are ARBITRONIX and DEBTBUSTERS.

ARBITRONIX was formed some 28 years ago as a professional negotiation company designed to represent commercial enterprises who encounter disputes with suppliers, vendors, lessors, lenders, banks and other organizations where finances are concerned. This company was the forerunner of other similar entities that over the years copied the Arbitronix business plan and format, stole Arbitronix forms and contracts and ended up competitors that ultimately failed for want of sufficient capital, training and imagination. Key to the Arbitronix formula for success was and is the fact that the service provided is performance based. No result, no fee; and the principal founder of Arbitronix had practiced debt collection law for 20 years. Who better to initiate and create a debt resolution company? And it worked!

It should be noted that this concept of no result, no fee goes back to 1989. It should also be noted that the concept of fees paid only upon approved results was thereafter adopted as policy by both the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This was necessitated by the fact that many companies that followed the Arbitronix business plan not in the commercial world, but in the CONSUMERS world did away with the concept of fees only after performance.

This idea was originated by a company in Dallas Texas with the idea that by getting paid up front for resolutions yet to be made, the consumer client would be, in effect, providing the needed capital to keep the company running with other peoples money. Arbitronix and its sister company Debtbusters have never operated based upon pre paid fees.

DEBTBUSTERS: As Arbitronix grew and its reputation excelled, it became the NEGOTIATOR for many marketing entities that could sell the concept of third party problem representation but had no negotiation skills or training. As a result, with Arbitronix working with other companies as the engaged NEGOTIATOR as well as representing commercial entities with financial problems, the need for a consumer based company with the same ethical standards as Arbitronix became apparent. Thus Debtbusters was born to manage financial issues for John and Mary Public and it, like others, contracted with Arbitronix its brother company, to do the back end, aka, negotiation.

It should be noted that: Arbitronix and Debtbusters were A+ rated by the Nevada BBB.

Arbitronix has never had an FTC or CFPB complaint.

Debtbusters has never had an FTC or CFPB complaint.

David Fishman and Arbitronix were nominated and vetted by Inc. Magazine and Merrill Lynch for Entrepreneur of the Year.

Debtbusters in Las Vegas Nevada was nominated by and vetted by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce for the Chamber’s Biz E Small Business of the Year. Over boos of objection that it did not take first place at the annual Chamber luncheon, Debtbusters was second in the voting. It is surmised that the reason there were so many who felt that Debtbusters should have been the winner was due to its outstanding pro bono work in the area of “senior abuse” by creditors, collectors and lawyers in the collection of credit card and other debt. The program initiated by Debtbusters and monitored by Mr. Fishman called SENIOR BUFFERING, remains alive and well in Las Vegas.

REPRESENTATION IN 2017: Today, while both Arbitronix and Debtbusters are now under the Paladin umbrella, the emphasis has shifted back to the commercial world. Paladin only accepts consumer clients on a very selective basis via Debtbusters. Arbitronix remains the nations premier # 1 commercial problem solving entity in the country and Arbitronix also only accepts commercial clients on a very selective and narrow basis depending upon the nature of the issues presented to it by the commercial entity seeking professional, non legal help.